Kto nie lubi quizów? Ja uwielbiam 😀 Miłej zabawy. I nie zapomnijcie  podzielić się odpowiedzią J

KILK!! What kind of book nerd are you?


Mi wyszła Rory Gilmore z serialu “Gilmour Girls”:

“You read everything and anything that comes highly recommended. From classics to contemporary books from fiction to non fiction and almost everything in between. You’re only picky in terms of quality, you’re not tied down to one genre. Way to be open minded!”


5 thoughts on “Quiz

  1. hehe oglądałem kiedyś Gilmore’ów.. mi wyszła jakaś Daria-> Daria:
    You’re dark. You’re edgy. And your books reflect that. You’re ahead of your time in the way that hipsters of every generation have been. You didn’t get there first, as much as you think you’re the first person to discover The Catcher in the Rye. But we love your type of book reader — you read a lot! But maybe try a funny book next. Don’t take yourself so seriously! 😀


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