Słownik (8) – „The Courtesan’s Lover” G. Kimm

Przy tworzeniu mojego słownika do książki Gabrielle Kimm korzystałam ze stron: http://pl.bab.la/slownik/polski-angielski/ i http://www.translatica.pl/slowniki/


apposite – odpowiedni, właściwy, trafny

bollard – słupek, pachołek

clemency – łaska, miłosierdzie, litość “Tell the truth and plead for clemency.”

deceitful – podstępny “A wholesome widower and a deceitful whore?”

demure – poważny skormny, ukladny “‘Oh, perfect, Francesca. How absolutely perfect. I would never have believed you could look so… so…’ Filippo struggles to find the word, then smiles, and says, ‘demure’.”

earthenware crock – fajans, ceramiczny, gliniany garnek

inebriate – nietrzeźwy, pijany/pijak/upić, oszałamiać

intricately – zawiłe, misterne “Inside, beside the second notebook was a small ivory-handled mirror and, very much to Modesto’s surprise, an intricately tooled dagger, its blade a damascened blue steel.”

irascible – wybuchowy, wrażliwy, gniewny “With his jaw jutting and his breath still audible in his nose, he suddenly reminded Carlo forcibly of an irascible bull.”

licentiousness – wyuzdanie, rozpusta “Astounded me perhaps as much as her realisation of the true extent of my licentiousness shocked her.”

mulish – uparty, zacięty “I remember the mulish expression on her face…”

notoriety – rozgłos

penury – ubóstwo, bieda “Saved myself from penury that way.”

perspicacious – bystry, przenikliwy, domyślny, przezorny

pewter – cyna “He scooped a couple of handfuls of water from a large pewter jug and rinsed his face, pushing wet hands through his hair.”

ramparts – mury obronne, podwale “But last night’s encounter had smashed through his calm composture like a battering ram through castle ramparts an he felt at once defencless and exposed.”

stalwart – dzielny, mężny “My stalwart, faithful, funny, tragic, dearly loved servant has gone.”

taut – napięty, naprężony “A greasy-looking rat walked gingerly along a taut rope down towards a bollard.”

to berth – zacumować (berth – koja) “But between the berthed ships, the water moved more sluggishly…”

to regurgitate – zwracać, bezmyślnie powtarzać

urchin – łobuz, urwis

vertiginous – zawrotny “The thought made him feel sick and, with sudden swoop of furious, vertiginous lust, he kicked out at a small and rather shabby handcart that had been abandoned at the side of the street.”


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