Słownik (10) – „The Library of Shadows” M. Birkegaard


“Reading can be very bothersome, even downright dangerous. (…) And not just for those who do the reading, but for everyone in vicinity… passive reading is no joke!”


Kolejny odcinek mojego własnego słownika na podstawie ostatnio czytanej lektury “The Library of Shadows” Mikkela Birkegaarda, (z której to podchodzą wszystkie zamieszczone poniżej cytaty). Tym razem korzystałam z internetowego słownika www.diki.pl


amenable – uległy, posłuszny/otwarty na coś (np. argumenty), podlegający czemuś (np. regulacjom, leczeniu He probably hadn’t expected to hear from her just a few hours later, but she seemed very amenable when she did ring.

ingratiate – przypochlebić, przypochlebiać się He felt as if people were watching his every move, and was aware of a need to ingratiate himself with those standing around him so as not to seem too affected by the situation.

prerequisite – warunek wstępny, warunek zasadniczy, wymóg ‘It’s not a prerequisite,’ she replied in a low voice, ‘But more than a third of us are dyslexic, so it can’t be just coincidence.’

ossify – kostnieć (o charakterze)/ twardnieć, kostnieć, zastygać We were younger back then, and our imaginative powers weren’t nearly as ossified.

slammer – ciupa, kić (więzienie)

spokes – szprychy (np. od koła rowerowego)/szczeble (drabiny) Jon noticed that the wheelchair he was sitting in was completely black; even the spokes of the wheels were black.

soliloquy – monolog He had begun hi soliliguy to the black headstone in front of him.

soot – sadza/zakopcic, pokryć sadzą (coś) His white shirt had come untucked and was covered with big black patches of soot and sweat.

ventriloquist – brzuchomówca Katherina thought Pau looked like a ventriloquist with Kortmann as the well-dressed dummy.


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