Słownik (13) – „Eeny Meeny” M.J. Arlidge

Nazbierało się trochę tych słówek. “Eeny Meeny” M. J. Arlidge obfitowało w nowe dla mnie wyrażenia. Przy tworzeniu słownika do książki korzystałam z http://pl.bab.la/ i https://www.diki.pl/

Recenzje książki znajdziecie TU

callousness – bezduszność, bezwzględność Kicking herself for her callousness, she pulled the car over and got out.

caveat – sprzeciw, zastrzeżenie ‘What I am about to say comes with all the usual caveats, as I’m being rushed yet again …’

clincher – decydujący argument, rozstrzygający argument The abduction story was crazy enough but the fact that the perpetrator was a lone female was the clincher.

contorted – wykrzywiony, skręcony, powyginany And his face. His gaunt face was contorted into a hideous expression – fear, agony and horror written in his twisted features.

corroborate – potwierdzić So she needed to corroborate or destroy Amy’s story fast.

cull – odstrzał (zwierząt), ubój (selektywny) She did a lot of body-building and when she wasn’t in the gym, she was helping out with the culling.

entombed – pogrzebać, zakopać As her mother slumped to the floor defeated, Marie finally realized that they were entombed in their own home.

fissure – pęknięcie, szczelina Which tiny fissure in this tin can had they penetrated?

foliage – listowie Simpson hoovered these up, bounding through the foliage.

itinerant – wędrowiec, wędrowny aktor, wędrowny kaznodzieja/wędrowny Charlie formed a picture of a naturally itinerant young woman.

kited out – wyposażony (od kit – sprzęt, ekwipunek, zestaw) The flat was their family home and had been kitted out specially to deal with Anna’s mobility limitations – why should they have to move?

prevarication – wykręt, krętactwo, matactwo, dwuznaczność, kłamstwo Stop prevaricating.

redolent – przypominający (coś), przywołujący (wspomnienia) The dingy corridors, the broken lives, the graffiti and filth were too redolent of her own upbringing not to provoke a reaction.

scrote – młody przestępca, młodociany (ale też: moszna) One of the scrotes – a vicious acne-covered dropout called Steven Green – had attempted to burn out their flat.

shambolic – chaotyczny, zdezorganizowany An unshaven, shambolic mess.

svelte – wysmuły, smukły She was a striking figure – youthful and svelte but also broken and disfigured.

throng – chmara, tłum, natłok, gromada Slowing her pace, she savoured this moment of peace, casting an amused eye over the throng of shoppers that surrounded her.

truculence – okrutność, agresywność, brutalność Amy was the picture of truculence, clearly unhappy to be forced back into her nightmare.

yob – prymityw, cham, gbur, chuligan These were the cards they’d been dealt and Marie was not one to be bitter – had it not been for the local yobs.


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