Ucz się angielskiego z...

Ucz się angielskiego z… Louisem de Bernières (Odcinek 31)

Żeby nie było, że w tym miesiącu nie ma żadnego wpisu słownikowego, tuż przed jego końcem bieżę z takim jednym długaśnym słownikiem. O tak, słówek Ci u nas dostatek dzisiaj (aż szesnaście!) 😉 Tym razem mowa o powieści Louisa de
Bernières Birds Without Wings, o której możecie przeczytać TUTAJ. A korzystałam ze słowników internetowych diki.pl oraz pl.bla.la.

abject – skrajny, podły, nędzny …and he was very abject because he was the most unpopular beggar in the town because he said filthy things whenever he saw a man of religion…

astuteness – bystrość, przenikliwość, przebiegłość The novelty caught on, and almost all the women, including the ugly and the indifferent ones, who nonetheless lacked neither astuteness nor vanity, took to wearing veils in public in order to imply that they likewise were too beautiful to be safely gazed upon.

drover – poganiacz For her luggage he is obliged to hire several donkeys and a drover.

ebullition – wybuch, wrzenie All around them the ordinary folk are falling into the contagious hysteria, crying out, swooning, in an ebullition of fanaticism.

equanimity – spokój, opanowanie, wewnętrzna równowaga …even for a moment, and their resolute and stalwart hosts soon developed a mental technique for enduring hours of abject boredom with perfect equanimity.

fitchet – tchórz The two other girls put their hands to their mouths and pretended to be shocked. “You’re such a little fitchet,” said the one with porcelain skin and long black hair, “you’d probably make him die of exhaustion.”

foofaraw – bajery, ozdóbki, niepotrzebny raban All this mommixity and foofaraw was compressed into a street no more than three paces wide, and was further complicated by the dogs who, exhausted by their nocturnal serenades and excursions…

intrinsic – wewnętrzny, rzeczywisty, nieodłączny, wrodzony The Dog, therefore, was either wildly brave or quite insane to live in the tombs, and this added to his intrinsic and extraordinary mystique.

mettlesome – ognisty He understands that infidel girls are amusing, mettlesome and intriguing because they are allowed to be, unlike the quelled, imprisoned and uneducated women of his own race, who are only exceptionally more companionable or interesting than an ox.

ossuary – urna, kostnica, miejsce pochówku She gathered it into her arms and went alone, the bones clattering and scraping together as she walked, down through the winding alleyways to the lower church, the one where the owl lived on the beams, and behind which was the ossuary.

to abrogate – uchylić, anulować, odwołać, unieważnić Stirred up by Austria-Hungary and by Russia, the various peoples of the Balkans and the Near East are abrogating their long coexistence and codependence.

to glean – zbierać, zebrać pokłosie Glean Normally you glean more from someone’s eyes than you do from their speech, but I could read nothing at all from hers.

to scourge – nękać, gnębić, chłostać, wychłostać Rustem Bey, a man who accuses another of adultery without being a witness of the act, and without four witnesses altogether, is sentenced to scourging with eight stripes.

tutelage – nauczanie, kuratela (guardianship) “There was never a man so treated in his own house,” he thought, unable to believe how tractable he had become under her tutelage, but he could tell from her happy and conspiratorial mien that it was to his profit to indulge her.

vehemently – gwałtownie Behind the hanging carpet, the fair one with the black hair cursed under her breath and whispered vehemently, “God, I hate it when I have to do this!

veridical – prawdziwy, wierny, sprawdzający się, prawdomówny Zübeyde is half persuaded and half dubious, but one night she is visited by a marvellous veridical dream, wherein she sees Mustafa perched on a golden tray at the very summit of a minaret.

Najciekawsze według mnie? Astuteness, czyli bystrość, przenikliwość, przebiegłość oraz vehemently, co znaczy gwałtownie. Ile z tych słówek jest dla Was nowością?


3 thoughts on “Ucz się angielskiego z… Louisem de Bernières (Odcinek 31)

    1. W Emmanuelu było mnóstwo dziwnych słów, z połączenia angielskiego i hiszpańskiego/portugalskieo. On się zresztą tam przyznawał do tworzenia niektórych z nich 🙂 Mi nie przeszkadza, choć na pewno trochę utrudnia czytanie 😉
      De Bernieres jest dość specyficzny, a ja go jeszcze poznaję. Dzięki za linka, poczytam jak wrocę do siebie w przyszłym tygodniu 🙂


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