Ucz się angielskiego z… Jojo Moyes (Odcinek 34 „After You”)

I jeszcze słownik do drugiej części J A o książce przeczytacie tu: “After You” (“Kiedy odszedłeś”) Jojo Moyes.

Mój osobisty słownik do książki stworzyłam za pomocą: diki.pl oraz pl.bla.la

equanimity – spokój, opanowanie, wewnętrzna równowaga I sent him a second email, filling in a little more detail, and his normal equanimity seemed to returned.

exeat – przepustka It had been her and four girls from her school and they had come up to London on an exeat.

metatarsal – kość śródstopia I broke two fingers on my left hand, and a metatarsal, which poked through the skin of my foot and caused one of the medical students to faint.

nonsensical – nonsensowny, bezsensowny, absurdalny, niedorzeczny I wanted to speak, to open my mouth, but my voice emerges muffled and nonsensical.

to exude – wydzielać On a humid Monday night, the members of the Moving On Circle sat in a ring of orange office chairs in the Pentecostal Church Hall, alongside Marc, the leader, a tall, moustachioed man, whose whole being exuded a kind of exhausted melancholy, and one empty chair.

truant – wagary, wagarowicz Expelled from two schools for truanting.

untenable – niemożliwy do obrony A local source said her position, given the actions of the family, had become “untenable”.


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